Sustainable practises

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Here at Bao Boy we are proud of the food we create and wanted to provide you with a sustainable way to takeaway as well as enjoy with us. In an effort to be more environmentally friendly, we’ve made the choice to only use packaging that is either recyclable or made of compostable materials,

Upon learning that most single use packaging can never be recycled due to the contamination of food, we chose to put all of our products in containers made from fully compostable materials. We wanted to provide you with the most eco-friendly take away packaging we could using NZ based companies that provide products using materials such as sugar cane pulp and FSC® certified paper. Our napkins are made from reclaimed timber pulp, all of our takeaway containers are paper or cardboard and even our menus are printed on recycled cardboard as we strive to be plastic free.


We love a good cup of coffee and we know our customers do too, however if you are in a rush and need a takeaway beverage we offer coffee cups that are made from sustainably sourced plantations and don’t have a plastic lining so can be commercially composted. Even the lids and iced coffee cups are made from ‘plant plastic’, how cool is that! Also if a straw is needed we offer only paper straws

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We strive to incorporate green initiatives where we can into our business practises.

We have always chosen to use free range and organic ingredients as we believe that ethically raised meats and produce with less use of pesticides creates an overall better quality of food for our customers to enjoy.

The boxes and containers that our fresh produce is delivered in always gets recycled or used for other purposes. It is important for us to reduce our carbon footprint by using as few imported products as we can, so we choose to work with local suppliers which also ensures the highest quality coming directly from the source.

When creating our products, we aim to produce as minimal amount of wastage as possible by only making what we need for orders. This ensures you will receive the highest quality and freshness from our products and know they have been made with little to no excess waste.